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1. How much do your scooters cost?

Answer: Most of our scooters range from $1999 to $3499 in price. You can get a terrific high quality street legal scooter from our shop for as low as $1999.

2. Do you sell used scooters?

Answer: No. We only sell new scooters. Because most good quality used / pre-owned scooters are only a few hundred dollars less than our brand new scooters with 2 year warranties, it doesn't make much sense for us to sell used scooters.

3. Do you sell cheap $799 to $1299 Chinese scooters?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT. Our shop does not carry, sell, or repair cheap, low quality Chinese or Znen manufactured scooters due to the numerous problems they have. Low quality Chinese made scooters are notoriously known for having significant, costly, and time consuming engine and electrical problems. Basically, that $900 Chinese scooter is imported in from China for about $400 to $500. The engine in that $500 scooter is about a $150 to $200 engine. Due to the laws of physics, quality of metal, and common sense…..they just fall apart, and thus, that is why almost none of your quality and reputable scooter shops will sell those scooters.

4. What are the specific reasons why you don’t sell the cheap Chinese made scooters that are about $1000?

Answer: The reason why we do not sell cheap Chinese or Znen manufactured scooters is because (1) the engines are made with low quality recycled metal prone to oil leaks and expensive engine problems, (2) their electrical components are the lowest quality and highly unreliable, and (3) the quality control from the factory is extremely low and almost non-existent. Basically, the cheap $1000 - $1300 Chinese scooters end up being more expensive in the long run than a high quality $1999 Lance scooter. I know is sounds crazy….but believe it or not, you will usually end of spending more money on a cheap Chinese scooter than if you would have just spent $1999 on a quality Lance 125cc scooter.

5. What is the average gas mileage on the scooters you sell?

Answer: Our scooters get between 70 to 90 miles per gallon. It is amazing how much money you can save commuting on a scooter instead of your car, truck, or SUV.

6. How fast do most of your scooters go?

Answer: Most of our scooters go about 55 to 60 miles per hour. Our scooters are great for daily driving. Many of our customers purchase scooters from our shop as their “daily driver” and main source of transportation.

7. Do you sell 50cc scooters?

Answer: We rarely order and we rarely stock 50cc scooters due to the fact that they go so slow (about 30 miles per hour) and they are not very conducive to daily driving on Southern California city streets. Most California scooter shops are the same as us meaning that they do not order, stock, or sell 50cc scooters. Most customers who buy a 50cc scooter end of regretting it shortly thereafter wishing they would have just spent a few hundred dollars more on a 125cc or 200cc scooter. With a 50cc scooter you can barely keep up with traffic on some of the faster city streets. The 125cc / 200cc class scooter is absolutely perfect for driving on California streets.

8. Then what sized scooters do you mainly sell?

Answer: The majority of the scooters we sell are 125cc to 200cc and go between 55 to 65 miles per hour.

9. What type of customers do you normally see buy your scooters?

Answer: Scooter buyers come from all walks of life…..all ages…..all genders…..and from all backgrounds. Riding a scooter is a fun and intelligent way to travel around cities, college towns, and coastal beach cities. There really is not specific mold or type of scooter buyer. But one thing all scooter buyers have in common is that they are all very wise and smart! (smile) .

10. Are scooters easy to ride?

Answer: Yes. Scooters are very easy to ride. Nearly 75% of our customers that purchase a scooter have never ridden any two wheeled motorcycle or recreational vehicle. Most people get the hand of riding a scooter very quickly since they are so light weight and easy to drive.

11. Do you offer financing?

Answer: Yes. Our shop offers various in house financing programs that are very conducive to the buyer. Some of our financing programs don’t even require a credit check, but you do need proof of a job and pay stubs.

12. If I buy a scooter, how will I get it home to my house if I live 25 or more miles away?

Answer: Our shop works with several motorcycle delivery services. Any scooter purchased from our shop can usually be delivered same day or at your convenience.

13. Why should I buy a scooter from Main Street Scooters?

Answer: We have the best scooter brands that you can trust and depend on at the greatest prices. We also have a very friendly and knowledgeable staff that is here to help our customers get a scooter that fits their specific needs. We enjoy giving each customer special attention and ensuring that they are getting a scooter they will be happy with and that will fit their needs for the reasons they are buying.

14. Do your scooters come with warranties?

Answer: Yes. All of the scooters we sell come with awesome industry leading 2 year warranties. While a new $4600 Vespa LX 150 comes with only a 1 year warranty, the $1999 Lance scooters we sell come with a 2 year warranties. Our scooters have the best value and warranty on the market.

15. How much is the monthly insurance on the scooters you sell?

Answer: Insurance for a gas powered scooter like the ones we sell usually ranges between $10 to $20 per month. Scooter insurance is very cheap with all insurance companies. Progressive Insurance is one of the best known companies for the lowest priced motorcycle/scooter insurance policies.

16. How long does the sales process take if we come in a purchase a scooter today?

Answer: Once you decide on the specific scooter you want, the quick and easy paperwork process usually only takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

17. What payment methods do you accept at your store for a scooter purchase?

Answer: Our shop accepts all major credit cards and most forms of payments.

18. My son or daughter is a student at a local college or university in San Diego. I would like to purchase a scooter for them but I live far away or out of state. How can I buy a scooter for my “______________” if we are not in San Diego?

Answer: Our shop sales a lot of scooters to college and university students. We frequently work with parents over the phone to help them purchase a scooter for their son or daughter. Our friendly and helpful staff is happy to assist you will all of your needs. Our scooter boutique prides itself on being San Diego’s #1 source for scooters bought by college students. Give us a call and we will happily answer every question you may have.

19. My son or daughter is a college student attending _____________________ in San Diego. I am worried about him / her getting a scooter. Can you tell me more about your scooters?

Answer: Yes! Our scooters are absolutely terrific for the college student or young professional who needs reliable transportation but doesn’t want to spend a lot on a car or truck. Our scooters are great for anybody! The scooter brands we sell are very dependable, easy to park, get 80 – 90 miles per gallon on gas, and insurance is only about $10 to $20 per month on average. Best of all, if you need to get out of your scooter investment and sell your scooter after a few years of owning it, you usually don’t lose a lot of money since scooters are so sought after in San Diego. Basically, you just can’t go wrong with buying a scooter, and the highly sought after brands we carry are the best “quality and value” on the market. Plus, all of our scooters come with 2 year industry leading warranties compared to the “1 Year Limited Warranty” given with Vespa, Honda, and Yamaha scooters. Yes, we are very proud of our scooter brands and we look forward to helping you.

20. In closing, why should we buy a scooter with Main Street Scooters?

Answer: Main Street Scooters strives to give the absolute best service possible, we really do care. We factually offer the best priced QUALITY and RELIABLE scooter brands on the market today which are the Lance and SYM scooter franchises. Currently there are no other scooter brands on the U.S. market that can compete with the Lance scooter brand due to its price point, quality, and warranty. Since 2010, Lance scooters are undeniably the best priced quality scooter on the market today. We hope you stop by and visit us!

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